Founded in Florida in 2009 in Florida, United States, TecnoTur LLC is a business founded by Allan Tépper which offers several types of services:

  • A/V STUDIOS: Design, creation and implementation of audio/video/TV studios, both conventional and for Internet streaming.
  • CONSULTING: Opening of businesses and tech consulting.
  • EDITORIAL SERVICES: Editing, transformations, prepress and publications of books for colleague authors in six countries and two languages.
  • RADIO: Creation and implementation of Internet radio shows, both prerecorded and syndicated as podcasts and live.
  • WEBSITES: Creation, maintenance y hosting.
  • TELEPHONY: Interactive virtual PBX systems, from the script to the recording to the implementation. Listen to TecnoTur’s system here +1-305-668-8556.
  • WEB HOSTING: Plans include the Solo, the Palindromic and the Radio/Podcasting with our CombinedHosting℠.
  • WRITING: articles, books, white papers, meaning: authoritative reports which clarify a complex topic and present an applicable philosophy to resolve a situation or make an important situation. Various tech companies have contracted TecnoTur to create white papers in two languages.



AccentedDomains℠,℠, AlojamientoCombinado℠,℠, CombinedHosting℠,℠, DominiosTildados℠ and℠ are service marks of TecnoTur LLC.