Blubrry LibsynTecnoTur’s CombinedHosting
Stereo AAC-HE (.m4a) support, highest efficiency for you and your listenersYesYes(Despite discouragement in Libsyn’s current documentation, Podcast Engineering School has been using this format with Libsyn for several years without issue in any tested player on any platform or player.)Yes
Branded RSS with HTTPSYes, includedYes, but…
(Requires extra monthly fees from Libsyn and special setup with your registrar.)
Yes, included
Use your own brand/domain for media filesNoNoYes!
Other issues?NoneIt’s an extremely basic website.None
Personalized help to make your podcast website GDPR compliant, to prevent fines and civil lawsuits.NoNoYes!

Included upon request with your CombinedHosting plan, at no extra charge.
Personalized help to prevent potential unjustified DMCA takedowns.NoNoYes!

Included upon request with your CombinedHosting plan, at no extra charge.
Podcast statsIncludedIncludedBasic Podtrac and paid Blubrry stats are included at no extra cost, upon request. TecnoTur pays your bill at BluBrry,
upon request.
First year fee for self-hosting of the podcast website (with your own domain) with podcast host and branded RSS feed.U$204/year
with 400MB (megabytes) monthly storage
with 540MB (megabytes)
monthly storage

(U$20 x 12 = U$240 + U$2 x 12 =U$24, for a grand total of U$264 )
with 22GB (gigabytes) storage

*This price is after using the discount code RSS

The price also includes help with GDPR compliance and DMCA affirmative defense upon request, not offered by others.